AP process improvement reduces mistakes by up to 90%

Accounts Payable is a very repetitive task, made worse by slow systems, lost paper, mistakes, and data entry. SnapAP is an Accounts Payable solution, paperless and automated, that eliminates defects downstream. AP process improvement means potential for growth frustrated_snapwithout extra expenses, less money spent on corrections, and a much happier AP team.

No more lost Invoices, mistakes, or delays in processing…SnapAP Accounts Payable software is much more accurate than old-fashioned paper documentation, supports better compliance, and provides faster processing with electronic Purchase Order delivery, electronic Invoicing and electronic Payments. Accounts Payable staff can spend their time on productive processes and end the stress of chasing errors and lost documentation…this leads to increased productivity, improved moral, and puts the focus on looking ahead instead of always playing catch-up.

You Will Reduce Invoice Payables’ Errors with:

  • Up-front accurate Invoices
  • No lost paperwork
  • No damaged paperwork
  • No misfiled paperwork
  • No paper at all!
  • Linked documentation for the entire Procure-to-Pay process

Chose your best option for hosting SnapAP: On-Premise or In the Cloud. 

For maximum security, and your convenience SnapAP offers two service platform choice hosting options.

You may prefer to have your account payable automated software hosted by you, in your environment, on your servers, and managed by your team. Alternatively, you have the option of having your payables software install hosted in our secure Cloud. It is entirely your choice. Today, as our default setting, SnapAP software is hosted in the Cloud, but customers have the final say.

Regardless of which option you chose, with SnapAP On-Premise or In-the-Cloud, not only are errors reduced, but data security is enhanced for your business transaction when you automate your accounts payable process with SnapAP.

Better P2P Processes Enhance your Critical Business Relationship with Suppliers

Procure-to-Pay automation enhances your Supplier relationships by ensuring they are paid on time. This keeps the lines of communication clear and allows you to negotiate better terms from a place of power.

No more getting put on credit hold by your suppliers breeze_snapbecause old or lost invoices were not paid. No more missing deadlines because a paper invoice was not seen for approval or mistakenly filed before being resolved.

Avoid the errors of duplication, which cause a negative impact on the cash-to-cash cycle time. With less time spent on corrections, your Accounts Payable team can focus on better Procure-to-Pay processes. When you implement SnapAP, you to become the preferred customer of your suppliers!

Our philosophy is simple: do it right the first time.

Don’t get stuck in the cycle of looking for errors and instead prevent errors from happening in the first place with SnapAP Accounts Payable software.

SnapAP makes this possible, all while being simple to implement and run right out of the gate.

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