Implement SnapAP To Maintain Better Cost Control…

Over Your Entire Purchase to Payment (P2P) Process. You Gain Efficiency.

better accounts payable management

Efficiency is doing the right things, in the right order at the right time

Automated Accounts Payable software holds the key to any business’ cash flow.

Managing cash flow is the effective management of all costs.

As a manager, your success goal is increasing sales and lowering expenses. SnapAP’s solution will help you achieve your success goal.

You gain an effective cost control tool with SnapAP’s Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solution.

Fully implemented, you can see all transactions on demand and effectively control expenses. You set the accounts payables rules and procedures from your secure login dashboard. The result is that you will transform Accounts Payable manual processing workflow from a fixed cost centre into a powerful, scalable cost savings centre and potentially save your company significant amounts of money.

Industry Reports show that AP automation and better accounts payable management reduces procure to pay processing costs by more than 42%. Consider putting your invoice volume numbers in for a calculation of your potential cost savingsCalculate You Potential Savings Now.


Negotiate with your vendors & critical suppliers from a position of strength. Cost discounts for scheduled due-date payment.

Automated accounts payable solutions also provide you with the information you need to negotiate with vendors for better payment terms and purchase price.

And instead of missing deadlines, as often happens with the old paper process, you can now take advantage of early payment discount opportunities. Delays in payment can also damage communications with suppliers…so using SnapAP helps keep suppliers happy. In purchasing negotiations, the money you save is your own.

Better accounts payable management is quicker, simpler and more accurate

SnapAP allows for easy retrieval of invoices when needed, with all steps of the P2P process recorded digitally and linked to other related documents.

The SnapAP process is designed for your payables process to be completely electronic.

  • Fully integrated and electronic beginning with requisition forms that convert into approved Purchase Orders that flow seamlessly all the way to completed payments to suppliers.
  • There is no scanning or ‘digitizing’ necessary, but if you require OCR for non-compliant vendors, it is available within your dashboard.

And to keep it simple, SnapAP has a built-in Approval Hierarchy management process. Approval limits are set by you, so you always have 100% control.

busy_snapSnapAP delivers results that go directly to your bottom line:

  • Cycle time reduction transforms your business process so your business can move forward
  • Less time spent on supplier enquiries because every supplier enjoys access to real-time updating
  • Accounts Payable defect elimination
  • Discount capture – making sure your cost savings terms are met
  • Cost savings from a simpler more organized payables process and payment flow
  • Improved relationships with suppliers. Payments by due-dates
  • Procure-to-Pay security- bank-level security built-in
  • No lost invoices and wasted payables staff time searching for documents
  • Easy retrieval of invoices; saves time and enforces better compliance
  • Ability to track the status of purchase orders, invoices and payments at any point in the P2P life cycle for every supplier transaction, and your cash flow obligations
  • Manage all types of invoices: material, services, and even non-PO invoices
  • Integration with your existing financial platforms
  • Scalable to help you position your company to grow from the increased volume of the business’ supplier transactions. With SnapAP in place, scalable growth is no problem.

As a potential source of cost savings and improved relationships with your critical suppliers, AP automation is top of mind for Finance executives looking for competitive advantages and cost efficiencies.

  • Implementing SnapAP’s accounts payables automation enhances tangible financial improvements in your invoice transaction processing costs, enables the discount advantage of shorter payment times, and creates more accurate financial reporting.

The key and overriding advantage of implementing the payables automation platform is improved visibility for your staff and managers as well as your suppliers.

SnapAP has set a goal for your business.

Our goal is to improve your communication process and flow,

to remove inefficiencies from your payables process,

and to facilitate visibility; which we accomplish by providing

a cost-effective, paperless accounts payable software.

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