Don’t waste more time with implementation…

Accounts Payable setup time is quick and easy

Makes sense, easy to install, and it’s… done!

When you install SnapAP software, you can use it immediately and already know how to do the things you want to do.

That’s simplicity: everything in the right place right when you need it. Simple can be harder to create than complex, and it takes hard work to make complex things simple. We think with SnapAP we’ve done just that.

Accounts Payable setup time is quick and easy.

help_snapIt’s not that SnapAP software is simplistic…it’s that using SnapAP is a breeze.

It’s well thought out and carefully put together so that a sophisticated process of Procure-to-Pay becomes easy to accomplish in less time, with fewer mistakes, and with far less frustration.

And while traditional paper processes typically measure cycle times in days, SnapAP measures invoice cycle times in minutes.

Take fewer steps with accounts payable automation

With SnapAP Accounts Payable Software, all non-value added steps in your P2P process are eliminated! That’s simple at its best!

                                     Software is easy to use and requires minimal training, which is provided.

Training manuals are built in for easy reference.

Supplier onboarding is provided.

Full integration with your existing ERP software, accounting applications

Major vendor’s ERP software is compatible

win_for_the_teamSnapAP is designed to interface with any major ERP software, no customization necessary.

Data is transmitted through staging tables by a custom interface. SnapAP is designed to work in many configurations, including multiple ERP systems. The staging tables in SnapAP can be used to share data between many ERPs (or other software if necessary), eliminating the need to manually enter the same data multiple times.

SnapAP can also receive invoices electronically via XML files. Whatever your system needs, SnapAP will work with it for better record keeping and reduced processing time.

Approvals don’t get lost in a paper pile on someone’s desk. Instead, they are processed with a click. Suppliers don’t call for status updates on their invoices. Instead, the current status is a click away on their end.

We built SnapAP to exhibit simplicity, but it’s not simplistic. One means easy and effective, the other reveals laziness. Our automated Accounts Payable software depends on good, creative simplicity.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, that’s creativity.”

  • Charles Mingus

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